Bridesmaid dresses

The tradition of the bridesmaid is at present experiencing a revival, not least because of the innumerous Hollywood romances. Like this the tradition of the bridesmaid is getting more and more present on German weddings. The ladies around the bride need a beautiful, though not too striking outfit in order not to appear more interesting than the bride.

We have set ourselves the objective to offer you a range of marvelous and modern customized bridesmaid dresses.

You will find in our brand-new collection three lines with five styles each. Each line has its own recurrent elements and a uniform color that ensures that all bridesmaids are being recognized as belonging together but each one of them wears her own individual design that emphasizes her character and brings off her own advantages.

If you should need any changes to our styles or if you wish a different color, this is possible without problems and mostly without extra charge. Please contact our team before placing your order.

Black Purple Line

Blue Sky Line

Coral & Lobster Line

Emerald Line

Pink Passion Line

Subtle Pink Line

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